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"Hi! You've reached Pinkie Pie's Bakery! Sorry, the magic candy isn't for sale, I need that for the seances! If you'd like to place an order or reach me, feel free to leave a message after the chicken!

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Name: Sword
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Name: Pinkamina Diane Pie, Pinkie Pie for short
Source: My Little Pony (Friendship Is Witchcraft AU)
Type: RGer
Canon Point: Current canon; after Episode 7, "Cherry Bomb".
History: Pinkie started out a life as carefree and simple as any other pony. Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way. When she was a young filly, an unexplained fire broke out in her town and more or less burned it to the ground, leaving her and a handful of other foals as the sole survivors of the disaster. Quickly, the tots were shipped off to an orphanage in the rocky foothills of Ponyville, where they were taught the essentials of day to day life in a social setting: Loners are freaks, weirdos deserve no love, if you don't conform, you'll never be happy. Being forced to cast aside her family's culture, Pinkie did her best to fit in, discovering she had a hidden talent for baking and the confectionery arts. Despite working to become the greatest pastry chef for miles around and helping keep up the morale for the other orphans with her treats and cheerful demeanor, she was never even considered for adoption. After all, why would anyone want a boring old earth pony when unicorns had magic and pegasusses pegasissies pegasisters had wing magic? She was just pink. That's it.

Eventually, she was noticed; not by a loving family, but by a married confectioner couple by the name as Mr. and Mrs. Cake. She was perfect, and quickly adopted. However, the adoption was not for love, like any orphan wants; rather, because a (now-teenaged) filly is incredibly cheap labor, especially if she's legally related to you. However, Pinkie didn't let flimsy things like that get in her way, quickly finding and befriending a few other of the town's "less-desirables" in an attempt to fit in; a nerdy fanfic writer, a couple of shell-shocked soldiers, a timid girl who spoke of the return of some "Smooze" guy... oh, and Rainbow Dash. She was there, too.

Together, the six would occasionally mess around or wreak havoc on the town, until Pinkie started noticing that she didn't quite fit in with this group, either, particularly when the timid one started accusing her of being a gypsy. A gypsy? But she had thrown away that side of herself years ago! Suddenly wondering if she made a mistake, she traveled to a nearby witchdoctor to study in witchcraft, discovering that there was perhaps a way she could bake a potion that would allow her to go back in time and prevent the tragedy that took her family's lives!

Acquiring the help of one of her friends' sisters, she opened a portal through time and space according to the instructions (though she might have fudged things up a bit by using bargain bin ingredients - when the recipe calls for 'eye of newt', you can't just substitute the eye of a pony named Newt) and the rest is history. Except when it's the future. And sometimes for me, it was Tuesday.

A few months later, Pinkie had returned, believing herself unsuccessful in her endeavors. Time around her seemed pretty much stable, and while she had managed to bring back Applejack's grandmother, Rarity's parents, some birds... there was no sign of her parents. Then, one night, a strange energy filled the halls of the home she lived in... It was the strangest thing, but the incident ended with two baby foals curled up on her bed... her mother and father, albeit with a few... complications.

And that's how Pinkie became her own adoptive grandmother Equestria was made.

Personality: At this point, it's hard to tell what part of Pinkie's personality is an elaborately-crafted mask and what part is how she truly feels; she's managed to convince herself that she is literally incapable of being sad, managing to keep a dissonant smile even when she's singing of the horrors in her childhood and speaking of the bleak state of the universe. All of the negative emotions she might feel at these things are instead filtered into unfettered determination; instead of letting herself wallow in sadness about the tragedy in her hometown, she instead focuses on a way to go back in time to save her family. There's no point in failure if you don't try again, after all.
Until recently, she had been conditioned to shun and fear her family's gypsy heritage, realizing not long ago that perhaps it wasn't good to run from one's roots and traditions. In turn, there's been a bit of a snap-back effect, where she's devoted herself full-bore into gypsy witchcraft, as if to make up for lost time. Incidentally, she's never been happier. (The fact that she has... in a fashion... gotten back her parents may have helped with this. A little.)
Abilities: Pinkie is a pony of many talents; she's a classically trained pastry chef (and honestly pretty darn good at it), but some of her other hobbies include singing, dancing, and facades. Recently, she's been pursuing her gypsy heritage with the help of her world's version of Zecora, and has added gypsy magic into her repetoire. This should help immensely when playing Reaper Creeper! :V For story reasons, I won't be going into the whole "baking a portal into the past" bit ingame.

She also knows how to play Rebecca Black's "Friday" to a polka beat.
Entry Fee: N/A
Starting Pin: Tin Pin Fire
Samples: Dear Mun Post #1 and Post #2. Also some ancient history on Livejournal.


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